Strengthen the office capacity to deliver gender equality results

Include gender competency into all ToRs and assess gender knowledge of candidates at recruitment. Tips for gender aware interview ; Guidelines for gender sensitive recruitement process.

Once on board, all staff complete online mandatory gender courses and induction course includes gender session.   “Gender Learning Corner”

Regularly organize training for staff on gender mainstreaming and related topics

Organize a women’s empowerment programme to help junior staff to progress in their career.  Talent management for Women 

Organize non-formal learning for staff – invite speakers, have brown bag lunches, celebrate UN days.  See eg. of lerning sessions 1 2 3 4 5

Make gender expertise available in-house

Develop roster of local gender expertise.
Regional Gender Expert Roster 

Develop depository of learning and reference materials for staff.  UNDP Uzbekistan gender resources space   

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